How can I open a store anywhere in the world with Dollar Store Services?

The International Program includes the same critical services as our domestic program, customized for local needs. Dollar Store Services has assisted clients in opening retail stores around the world and we are able to open stores in any country. In many countries we are able to offer our services exactly as we would for US clients – including the actual store buildout. In other countries, for some services, we provide strategic guidance as needed. In every case, we provide a complete turnkey program including all fixtures, merchandise, equipment, training and long-term support

How the International Program Works

To accommodate International clients, customization of our package includes certain modifications:

  • The store owner identifies potentially viable sites for the store, which our Leasing Manager reviews for our recommendation.
  • As potentially viable locations are identified, we make strategic recommendations on negotiating the most favorable lease terms possible.
  • Once the lease is secured, Owner and DSS execute our agreement and we begin the design and layout of the store to maximize the use of the retail space.

Upon Execution of your Agreement with us

All your merchandise and equipment will be assembled and containerized at one of our three US shipping points: Miami, New York or Los Angeles. All your store’s fixtures, shelving units, wall trim, cash counter displays, hooks, baskets and accessories will be sealed up and taken to a sea port or rail head and your store is shipped to you in a container.

We obtain your freight quotes and arrange for preparation of the export paperwork and consolidation of your freight as part of your package price.

The Master Developer Option

Becoming a master developer in your country is easier than you may think. We are always seeking clients with an interest in promoting our service. Our priority is on clients who have opened their own store and demonstrated an understanding of running a retail business.

Services for Foreign Nationals Looking to Open a Store in the United States

  1. Seeking the proper classification of visa.
  2. Securing the correct forms and applications.
  3. Ensuring that all supporting documentation is complete and in good order, and provide you with customized business plans and letters of support if required..
  4. The most appropriate type of visa.
  5. Will facilitate your immigration to the United States, or change your status if already residing in the U.S. and may allow you to purchase and retain real estate.
  6. With our assistance, this can be possible with an investment of as little as $125,000! Call or e-mail a Store Development Sales Representative today to get the process started!
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